Team Rep Duties

Team Representative Duties and Responsiblities

Within the Roosevelt Athletic Booster organization, team representatives play a very important role. Their participation is critical to the group’s success!

As the main fundraising arm for RHS athletics, the Roosevelt Athletic Boosters require that each team or school group (cheer and club sports) that benefits from monies raised have a team representative that attends monthly booster meetings.

As a team rep, your job is to be the liaison between your team’s coaches, parent group, athletes and the Booster organization. The best way to accomplish this goal is to create a team email list to use as a quick and easy way to communicate with all parties.

Our biggest source of revenue is our Riders Hall of Fame Sports Auction. This auction takes place every winter. As a team rep, your job is to communicate with your team members and their parents/guardians about the auction:

  • Educate them about the benefits of participating as a team
  • Remind them to procure donations
  • Recruit volunteers for your team’s auction duty
  • Encourage parents and guardians to come to the event


AGAIN, all this can be done easily if you have your email list!

Then comes the rewarding part…dispersing the money to teams for new uniforms, equipment, spirit gear, etc. As a group our goal is to divide the money among all the teams that have participated in raising the funds.

From the auction each team receives 50% of the price that their procured items sold for. The other 50% goes to the Booster organization to be distributed based on requests, need and auction participation. In other words, the first 50% that goes to your team can be used however your team chooses! The 50% that goes to the Boosters is used to provide grants to the individual teams. Requests are voted on at the monthly meetings.