Special Funding Requests

Funding for Teams going to State Tournaments:
  • RAB will consider funding up to 50% of a team’s actual expenses for tournaments that are up to 50 miles from RHS
  • For tournaments further than 50 miles from RHS, RAB will consider funding up to 100% of a team’s actual expenses
  • All teams requesting this funding must present a budget, prepared by the Coach or Team Rep and the Athletic Director. The budget may contain expenses for transportation, lodging and meals for the coaches, managers, players and team representatives pursuant to WIAA rules . Funding from other sources must be include.
Funding for Club Teams (non WIAA sanctioned sports):
  • RAB will consider requests for funding from Club teams. Such funding, if approved, will be granted in proportion to the number of Roosevelt students on the team. For example, if a club team requests $1000 and there are 10 RHS students on a team of 20, RAB will fund $500.
  • Club teams requesting funding should be prepared to demonstrate that other schools (from where team members originate) or sources will fund the remaining cost.
  • To be eligible for funding, club teams must be active in RAB and related fund raising activities. It must also demonstrate that the school rules for sanctioned sports teams (included in the Athletic Packets) are followed.
Funding for Team Uniform Replacement:
  • The team requesting replacement uniforms must demonstrate the need based on usage, wear, the amount time the uniforms have been in service etc.
  • RAB expects all teams to pass down uniforms from Varsity to JV or JVC teams and generally will not consider funding new uniforms for these teams. We encourage the purchase of the identical uniforms for all three teams whenever possible
  • RAB will not fund requests for lost or stolen uniforms, except in extraordinary circumstances.
  • The Athletic Director, Coaches and Parents are responsible for distributing, collecting and storing uniforms. In order to ensure the return of all uniforms and equipment, RAB will expect the team requesting funding to demonstrate that it is tracking uniform use through a Uniform/Equipment Checkout Form or similar mechanism, which lists each uniform piece checked out to the player and the fine/replacement cost if it is not returned.
  • Teams requesting funds for additional uniforms due to team growth must only demonstrate the shortfall (within WIAA guidelines) and that all uniforms were returned from the previous year