Individual Team Accounts

Funds raised at the Hall of Fame Sports auction are divided 50/50 by the team procuring the item and the Athletic Boosters Club.  Team accounts are kept by the Booster treasurer.  These individual accounts can be accessed without approval of the club membership by providing a receipt to the treasurer.  If teams have their own bank accounts, a request should be made in writing or by email to the treasurer as to where to send their funds.  Funds can be used at the discretion of the coach and parents.  Uses may include team parties, end of the year coach gifts, partial payment for uniforms, individualized clothing the player keeps, equipment, off season training camps, training scholarships, etc.  If purchases are made for team uniforms, color approval must have been obtained from the RHS Athletic Director.  It is the understanding of the Athletic Boosters Club that any funds distributed through the Boosters Club will be used to further the goals of sports at Roosevelt High School.  Individuals may contribute directly to a team; however, the general solicitation done in the fall is for the general booster organization.

Team Account Spending Recommendations

RAB recommends team account funds are spent within two years unless the team is saving for a large expense. This allows the players and families raising the funds to enjoy the benefits of their efforts