How to Request Funds

Only teams that have a representative who regularly attends booster club meetings will be eligible to request a grant from the RAB. Teams may request funds by having their parent representative fill out a request for a grant and E-mailing it to the booster treasurer prior to a meeting.

Coaching stipends are not normally funded by boosters.  They are funded by Seattle Public Schools based on the number of participants in each sport.  Information about stipend amounts by sport and for head vs. assistants is available on the Seattle Public Schools website: SPS Coaching Stipends.

The request will be brought to the next meeting for discussion. The RAB booster board along with the team representatives present at the meeting approve all grants. We welcome the team coach at the meeting to participate in the discussion as to whether a request should be granted.

Rarely does the RAB fund 100% of a request. Factors that are considered when approving grants are: what funds are in your team’s account, when a similar item was last funded, how much has the team contributed to the club in terms of time, participation and auction involvement. It may be suggested that you pay for half of your request from your team account and request the remaining as a grant from the booster club.

Once a grant is made please provide the completed check request to the treasurer to request payment be made. Some of the information on the form may not be relevant. The athletic director must approve all uniform and equipment purchases to make sure they comply with to district rules and official school colors.

Please remember that the RHS Athletic Boosters club is completely different form ASB funds thus the approval requirements from the school funds will be different.  But Boosters may ask what funds are available in your team ASB account and whether the item being requested was included in the previous spring’s ASB team budget.  If you need a copy of your team ASB budget, your coach should have a copy but you can get one from Holly Poulias, RHS Fiscal Specialist.

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