Freshman Night at Roosevelt June 2012

Parent Reps, tomorrow is the night for the incoming Freshman night here at Roosevelt. In the past few years, we have had good representation from our teams in the commons with information about their sports and how to become involved. This is particularly important for the incoming parents who have not been a part of our school before, and don’t know all the “ropes”!

Couple of things before you get here tomorrow.

  1. Tables: Everyone wants tables, and I don’t have enough rectangular ones to go around, so everyone uses cafeteria tables.
  2. Space: The commons gets VERY crowded when the sessions let out of the Theater. Make sure that you have enough room in the center of the commons for people to move around.
  3. Paperwork: This year the district is moving us to a new website, consequently, a lot of our links are either broken or under construction. This is not scheduled to go “live” until fall, so I would advise making up handouts rather than telling people to depend upon the website this year.
  4. Try to do your set up AFTER 6:30 pm. The incoming parent go right by the commons, and all of the sports create a very attractive area for the parents and kids to get diverted into. Please let anyone know who comes up BEFORE the event starts in the theater that they need to get into the Theater first, and then they will be free to come out and talk as much as they want about sports. That way Mr. Vance can start things in there on time, and everyone gets done in a timely manner.
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