Boosters Meeting Mon Jun 13th at 7 pm in the Library

Reminder: The last RHS Athletic Boosters of this school year will be tomorrow, June 13th at 7 pm in the library. Minutes from last month and financials are on our website as usual:

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Bellevue HS can serve as a reminder of what we need to avoid

As a reference to the broad Roosevelt athletic community, here’s a link to the Seattle Times article which includes the full WIAA report on Bellevue’s football program. The report provides a reinforcement of key points that should (and do) govern Roosevelt athletics and the Roosevelt Athletic Booster Club:
- No recruiting
- Monitor player addresses (to ensure no false or questionable addresses or living situations )
- No payments or subsidies of housing, academics, considerations, remunerations, inducement, etc.
- Monitoring and maintaining academic eligibility
- No excessive payments for coaching (all payments to coaches exceeding $500 approved by the school board)
- Booster Club with school (district) oversight [there it not yet, but may in the future be, a WIAA rule requiring member schools to exercise appropriate oversight and control of booster clubs)
- Self-investigate and self-report WIAA rules violations
- No interference with investigations
- No unequal financial support between programs (Title IX, etc.)
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New Student Welcome Night – Tues June 7th after the 6:30 pm presentation in the Theater

Teams/Clubs can set up information tables in the gym at Roosevelt’s “New Student Welcome Night” next Tuesday June 7th.
- Teams/Clubs must provide their own tables(!). We may NOT move tables from the commons, etc.
- Tables may NOT be set up before 6:30 pm (when the program starts in the Theater) – we should NOT distract new students/parents from getting into the Theater
- Tables in the gym should be arranged by season “left to right” when entering the gym – fall… winter… spring
- Tim Dickenson will have white star-shaped helium balloons available for each team/club and we will write the name of the sport on each so that people can find your table over the heads of the people walking around
- Tables can be manned by student athletes, coaches, and parents. In the past, it has been helpful to have both upperclass captains, etc. as well as current freshmen who can talk about their experience this year.
- Feel free to bring decorations (sample equipment, jerseys, etc.) have your own handouts, and collect contact information for students/families so that you can send information as your season approaches.
- Access to electrical outlets is limited, so bring your own extension cords if you need power at your table (Roosevelt will NOT be able to provide extension cords)
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Boosters Meeting Mon May 9th 7 pm in the Library

Reminder: RHS Athletic Boosters will meet tomorrow, May 9th at 7 pm in the library. Minutes from last month and financials are on our website as usual:

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Team ASB Budgets due by May 6th – information and planning meetings Apr 21 and 28

Matt Katinas and Holly Poulias presented important information about the ASB team budgeting process.  Their powerpoint presentation has been posted on the Boosters website at  Key points are summarized below.

  • Budgets due Friday May 6th – and teams will receive progressively larger cash incentives if they submit all forms and signatures by Tues May 3rd, Fri Apr 29th or ideally Fri Apr 22nd
  • Budget sessions Apr 21 and 28 – Meetings have been scheduled during the coming two weeks for coaches and team athlete representatives to attend an information session and work on their budgets in the computer lab – parents can sit in if they want to, so ask your coach which session they plan to attend.
  • Instructions and forms on weebly – Instructions and all the necessary forms are available on a “weebly” website:
  • Contact Matt or Holly if you have questions – and Holly can provide information about budgets and expenditures from previous years (,, and Kate Plesha is involved with budgeting for clubs
  • Other advice:
    • Think of this as a “wish list” building budget “capacity” so that any possible expenditure will have been forseen (even if it’s unclear whether fundraising into team ASB or Boosters account will successfully cover that amount)
    • Create separate “line items” for each expenditure, but don’t make them too specific so they would constrain spending
    • Assign a parent to participate in the process – especially if your coach is new to the process or isn’t naturally a planner or a detail-oriented person
    • The budget year is Sept 1 to Aug 31 so figure in expenditures or fundraising that will happen before Sept 1.  In addition to your current team balance, each team receives $500 from ASB.


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Boosters meeting 7pm Monday April 18th in the Library

Reminder: RHS Athletic Boosters will meet tonight, April 18th at 7 pm in the library. Minutes from last month and financials are on our website as usual:

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HALL of FAME FUNDRAISER EVENT Sat Mar 5 6:30 pm – purchase tickets here


Saturday March 5, 2016

6:30pm @ The Burke Museum

Tickets include dinner & drinks, are $50/person and can be purchased here:  RAB_Fundraiser_2016

Join your fellow RHS sports enthusiasts at this casual, fun event and raise much needed funds for our student athletes!

Roosevelt High School encourages all students to participate in athletics, band and cheer squad, regardless of their ability to pay. We are proud of the fact that over 850 students participate in these programs each year.  The Seattle School District budget for athletics shrinks every year. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise enough funds to fill the gap between what the district provides and the needs of the teams. Our first auction was held in 2000 and we have been raising roughly $80,000 each year since.

As you can see from the facts below, trying to fund 27 men’s and women’s sports teams, as well as club sports, a cheer squad, and two dance teams is costly!

  • Transporting one team to one sporting event costs $300
  • One vaulting box for the gymnastics team costs $2800
  • The cost for one football player’s equipment is $500
  • Women’s soccer uniforms for one team costs $1600 – we field three teams!

These are only a few examples of what it costs to support these vital programs in high school. The NEED for this fundraiser is clear, and our goals are simple.

  • To supplement the school’s athletic budget.
  • To stay on an even par with our competitors when it comes to coaching, equipment, uniforms, fields, and referees.
  • To keep students active and involved.


If you have any questions or wish to help us plan and organize this awesome event, please contact the fundraising committee at

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Boosters meeting tomorrow Feb. 8th 7 pm in the Library

Reminder: RHS Athletic Boosters will meet tomorrow at 7 pm in the library.  We’re aware that Roosevelt will be hosting a Girl’s Basketball post-season game tomorrow at 7 (Go, Riders!), but we will hold the meeting as scheduled.  Just be aware that the parking lot may be especially full.

Minutes from last month and financials are on our website as usual:

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